Climate Alliance event | 11.11.2016 | Marrakech, Morocco

COP22 side-event: Local and national climate action in a governance perspective

18:30-20:00, Room Bering

Climate Alliance’s official side event, co-organised with the Swedish Government, saw German, Austrian and the Luxembourgish governments delve into the topic of national and municipal cooperation on climate action. The event highlighted successful examples of cooperation between the different governmental levels that accelerate climate action on the ground and work to close the emissions gap. Recommendations were made to further map and analyse existing, well-functioning, multi-level planning practices. The side event showed how central governments can take better advantage of existing local plans and integrate them when developing and revising Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). 

Programme (pdf) | View on YouTube | Final outcomes (pdf) | Presentations from AT and LU (pdfs)